Our Story

Late 1980s: A small group of people sensed a direction in God to commit themselves to becoming a new church family in Pittsburg, KS called Pittsburg Christian Fellowship.

1991: Times were tough in the early days. Doug and Denise Kreighbaum were set in as new leaders. Doug and Denise had been one of the founding leaders of a church plant in Kirksville in the early 1980s. Along with friends from Kirksville and Columbia, Doug and Denise helped the church walk through this challenging time of transition.

1994: There was a sense of a shift from God and the church and belief that God was leading them to change their name to reflect the change among them. Thus Covenant Harvest Church was born.

1994: Investing in the next generation is something that is woven into the DNA of the church. Along with the name change Covenant Harvest School was founded. The purpose was to not only invest in children but also to provide a Godly atmosphere in which students learn.

2000: As more and more families began to come and get involved the church soon had no more room. The church bought, renovated, and moved into our current building.

2002: Over the years God began to connect the church to other churches across the country. Soon the church found and became part of what is called Salt and Light. A family of churches all over the world who share the same vision of seeing God moving through His church both locally and globally.

2005: The family of churches has grown since this local church started. Some connections go back 35 years. God has given the church friends all over the country. In 2005, the family of churches decided to bring a name. That name is Coast to Coast or C2C.

2012: Church and school leadership felt in God that a transition was needed for the school. The decision was made to move to a classical education curriculum. Along with the change and to make the school for community friends, Covenant Harvest School changed its name to Covenant Academy.

2014: Doug had become a key player in Salt and Light and was released to travel around to the different churches encouraging and building them up. Jay Lotterer set in as the new senior pastor.

2020: The family of churches in the United States began to feel as if a new church plant was upon them. After prayers, Doug Kreighbaum and Obi Nwagwu were sent to Kansas City to start a new church plant.

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