More than a Meeting.

Our History

In the late 1980s a small group of people sensed a direction in God to commit themselves to become a new church family in Pittsburg, KS called Pittsburg Christian Fellowship. It was a new church plant and as with any new birth, whether natural or Spiritual, there is much labor and many pains associated with it. The excitement of something new in God was confronted a short time later with much opposition and disappointment. Early on, one of the key leaders and his family left for another city. Within the first 2 years, the founding leader’s wife had a moral failure which lead to a tragic divorce. Not long after that the leader himself also had a moral failure which lead to his resignation.

As you can imagine the group experienced confusion and frustration. This was accompanied with the warfare of speculation causing them to wonder if God really wanted them together as a church. Outside churches and leaders in Columbia, Mo. and Kirksville, Mo. helped support the struggling group by sending people to encourage them along the way.

In 1991 God sent new leadership to the house from Kirksville Mo. in Doug and Denise Kreighbaum. Doug had been one of the founding leaders of a church plant in Kirksville in the early 1980s. Along with friends from Kirksville and Columbia, Doug and Denise helped the church walk through this challenging time of transition.

God began to move and the spiritual climate and atmosphere of the house began to heal and change. In the Bible, when God did something new in people’s lives, He would often change their name. Abram was changed to Abraham; Jacob was changed to Israel, etc. This was signifying the change God had done in them. The people sensed a shift of God in the church and believed God was leading them to change their name to reflect the change among them. In 1994, Covenant Harvest Church was born.

Over the years God’s vision for Covenant Harvest Church has been refined and clarified. We continue to see that Christianity and church isn’t just about meetings and buildings but a way of life among God’s people. It goes beyond mere handshakes and weekly gatherings. It is sharing a common life together under Christ Lordship and laboring to see His will done in our geographic area and beyond. We see that local churches are key elements to the purposes of God being done in the earth. An important phrase that continues to drive us with vision is, “to make disciples, who build the church, to extend the Kingdom, for the glory God.”

Psalms 48 describes the dwelling place of God, which in our time is the church. “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, in the city of our God, His holy mountain. Beautiful in elevation, the joy of the whole earth, is Mount Zion in the far north, the city of the great King. God, in His palaces, has made Himself known as a stronghold (refuge).”

Our desire is the see people connect with God and become part of His dwelling place. In doing so their lives are changed as they experience His transforming power and find refuge among His dwelling.

In 2001, we sent Pat Forbes, who was one of our pastors, and his family to Covenant Family Church in Mankato, Minnesota to help this struggling new church get off the ground. A few singles along with another core family Dan and Becky Bedore later joined them and a solid church is being raised up in that city.

We continue to desire to see the work of God beyond our borders through mission’s trips, church planting, and helping strengthen churches through continuing relationships with those we know in other areas.