More than a Meeting.

Making Disciples, Building the Church, Extending the Kingdom, Glorifying God

2016-17 School Handbook

We see a close connection between the mission of our school and the mission of the Church. Church is not buildings, rituals, or religious meetings. Church is people who through Jesus Christ have been called out of darkness and called together to serve His purposes. We have been called out of a lonely, self-centered way of life, and are assembled with others. Together we are called to live our lives centered on His purposes. The above quote Making Disciples, Building the Church, Extending the Kingdom, Glorifying God tends to sum up the mission of the church as Jesus outlined it in the Gospels. The early church carried this out in the rest of the New Testament.

What we do at Covenant Academy is centered on these ideas:

  • Make disciples (disciplined followers of the Lord), that…
  • Build the church (building lives together in right relationships), to…
  • Extend the Kingdom (God’s rulership in our lives and others), to…
  • Glorify God in the earth (bring Him honor and make Him known).









The Church holds a central place in the purposes of God (Eph. 3:10-11). At Covenant Academy we see a distinction between a Christian school and a Church school. Christian schools typically are seen as places where there is a sense of God in the classroom and where children can be educated in a safe environment. They are usually run by a board composed of Christians with various religious backgrounds. This can pose a problem when it comes to the issue of spiritual training (making disciples). In these settings the theological teaching and training gets reduced to the lowest common denominator of religious beliefs.

We do not believe that this is the best environment for spiritual growth and discipleship. The Bible says God’s gifts and spiritual leadership are set in His Church (Eph. 4:11, Titus 1:5, I Cor. 12:18,28-29). Covenant Harvest School is led and overseen by leaders who are called and connected to the House of God (the Church).

Covenant Academy is led under the oversight of God appointed church leaders in the same way that God appointed and gifted leadership seeks God to lead local churches. Spiritual training and government are not reduced to the lowest common denominator but are administrated by church based leadership.

The Scripture tells us that the responsibility for the education of our children lies not with the state, the church, or any other institution, but with parents (Deuteronomy 6:7, Proverbs 22:6). This does not mean that public, private, or church schools are wrong, nor does it indicate that home-schooling is the only Scriptural option. It simply places the responsibility where it belongs with the parents. Parents must evaluate their options and decide accordingly.

Most educational institutions came into being as groups of parents joined efforts and abilities to provide the best education possible for their children. The Church is one such group of parents, who can see and flow together to provide excellent education for their families.

General Statements of belief regarding education at Covenant Academy

  1. The foundation for education begins with knowing God from whom all things exist. All education should provide a foundation from which we go on to know and experience God. As this process occurs we are changed as our character is developed.
  2. The process of education is centered on teaching people how to learn or learning how to learn.
  3. The best environment for learning is one that acknowledges God’s existence and mankind’s dependence upon Him.
  4. God, as He reveals Himself in Scripture, is the creator of all that is, the sovereign authority over all history, and the source of all knowledge. Education without such an acknowledgment of God fails to measure up to God’s standard of learning.
  5. The responsibility for the education of our children lies with the parents.
  6. Children are gifts from God, and our stewardship of these precious vessels requires top priority. Our faithfulness in this stewardship not only affects this present generation, but generations to come (Psalm 127:3-5, Psalm 103:17-18).

Our Goals, “Making Disciples, Building the Church, Extending the Kingdom, and Glorifying God”, are carried out through:9098778683_f63a6b2d45_b

  1. Godly teachers – Those who teach by example as well as instruction.
  2. Godly discipline and an orderly atmosphere – This is the best atmosphere for peace which is the best atmosphere for learning.
  3. Biblical perspective – All subjects will be taught from a Biblical viewpoint.
  4. Joyful atmosphere – The joy of the Lord is our strength.
  5. Excellence – We want to hold high standards of excellence both academically and personally.


The “Golden Disciplines” are designed to convey a Biblical framework for discipleship. In order to be part of Covenant Academy students will be required to follow the “Golden Disciplines”.

  1. Honor, Obey, And Respect Parents
  2. Honor Godly Authorities: All authorities (teachers, pastors, etc.) will be obeyed and treated with respect. While at school all authorities will be addressed as Mr. or Mrs.
  3. One For All, All For One: All students will treat one another after the Biblical pattern for relationships in the Church. No attitudes that foster cliques will be allowed. Whenever relationships are separated or strained you will be expected to seek reconciliation.
  4. Boys Will Be Treated As Brothers, Girls As Sisters In All Purity (I Timothy 5:1-2): Relationships will be pursued in a Godly, Biblical pattern for friendship. No boyfriends, girlfriends, or casual dating.
  5. Students Will Conduct Themselves in an Orderly, And Controlled Manner While in the Building: Students will not be allowed to leave their classroom or the building without the teacher’s permission.
  6. Students Will Conduct Themselves in an Orderly, And Cooperative Manner While in the Classroom: The teacher will be obeyed, and students will cooperate together.