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2016-17 School Handbook

Covenant Academy Elementary and High School Handbook 2016-2017
Covenant Harvest Church
615 S. Highway 69
Pittsburg, KS 66762
(620) 231-6881

Covenant Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, and other school administered programs.

Revised 8/2/16


Mission Statement:
“Making Disciples, Building the Church, Extending the Kingdom, Glorifying God”

We see a necessary relationship between the mission of the Church and the mission of our school. The Church is not comprised of buildings, rituals, or religious meetings. The Church is a people who through Jesus Christ have been called out of darkness and called together to serve His purposes. We have been called out of a lonely, self-centered way of life, and are assembled with others. Together we are called to live our lives centered around His purposes. Ultimately, we do not “go to” Church; we are the Church. This kind of outlook on the nature of the people and the Church is the same kind of mentality that we have as it relates to the makeup of Covenant Academy. We do not go to school; we are the school.
The above quote, “Making Disciples, Building the Church, Extending the Kingdom, Glorifying God,” tends to sum up the mission of the Church as Jesus outlined it in the Gospels. The early church carried this out in the rest of the New Testament. What we do at Covenant Academy is also centered on these ideas. We strive to:

Make disciples (disciplined followers of the Lord), that…
Build the church (building lives together in right relationships), to…
Extend the Kingdom (God’s rulership in our lives and others), to …
Glorify God in the earth (bring Him honor and make Him known).

The Church holds a central place in the purposes of God (Eph. 3:10-11). At Covenant Academy we see a distinction between a Christian school and a Church school. Christian schools typically are seen as places where there is a sense of God in the classroom and where children can be educated in a safe environment. They are usually run by a board composed of Christians with various religious backgrounds. This can pose a problem when it comes to the issue of spiritual training (making disciples). In these settings the theological teaching and training gets reduced to the lowest common denominator of religious beliefs.
We do not believe that this is the best environment for spiritual growth and discipleship. The Bible says God’s gifts and spiritual leadership are set in His Church (Eph. 4:11, Titus 1:5, I Cor. 12:18, 28-29). Covenant Academy is led and overseen by leaders who are called and connected to the House of God (the church). Covenant Academy is led under the oversight of God appointed church leaders in the same way that God-appointed and gifted leadership seeks God to lead local churches. Spiritual training and government are not reduced to the lowest common denominator but are administrated by church based leadership. In the end, all aspects of Covenant Academy from curriculum to chapel services, serve the vison that the multigenerational God has given Covenant Harvest Church for a multigenerational perspective, thus hopefully ensuring that the values that He has shown us in the Scriptures are passed down as a legacy.
The Scripture tell us that the responsibility for the education of our children lies not with the state, the Church, or any other institution, but with parents (Deuteronomy 6:7, Proverbs 22:6). This does not mean that public, private, or church schools are wrong, nor does it indicate that home-schooling is the only Scriptural option. It simply places the responsibility where it belongs – with the parents. Parents must evaluate their options and decide accordingly.
Most educational institutions came into being as groups of parents joined efforts and abilities to provide the best education possible for their children. The Church is one such group of parents, who can see and flow together to provide excellent education for their families.

General Statements Regarding Education at Covenant Academy
The foundation of education begins with knowing God from whom all things exist. All education should provide a foundation from which we go on to know and experience God. As this process occurs we are changed as our character is developed.

The process of education is centered on teaching people how to learn or learning how to learn.

The best environment for learning is one that acknowledges God’s existence and mankind’s dependence upon Him.

God, as He reveals Himself in Scripture, is the creator of all that is, the sovereign authority over all history, and the source of all knowledge. Education without such acknowledgment of God fails to measure up to God’s standard of learning.

The responsibility for the education of our children lies with the parents.

Children are gifts from God, and our stewardship of these precious vessels requires top priority. Our faithfulness in this stewardship not only affects this present generation, but generations to come.
Our goals, “Making Disciples, Building the Church, Extending the Kingdom, and Glorifying God,” are carried out through:

Godly teachers – Those who teach by example as well as instruction.

Godly discipline and an orderly atmosphere – This is the best atmosphere for peace which is the best atmosphere for learning.

Biblical perspective – All subjects will be taught from a Biblical viewpoint.

Joyful atmosphere – The joy of the Lord is our strength.

Excellence – We want to hold high standards of excellence both academically and personally.

Golden Disciplines of Covenant Academy

The “Golden Disciplines” are designed to convey a Biblical framework for discipleship. In order to be part of Covenant Academy students will be required to follow the “Golden Disciplines”.
Honor, Obey, and Respect Parents.

Honor Godly Authorities. All authorities (teachers, pastors, etc.) will be obeyed and treated with respect. While at school all authorities will be addressed as Mr. or Mrs. or Miss.

One For All, All For One. All students will treat one another after the Biblical pattern for relationships in the Church. Whenever relationships are separated or strained you will be expected to seek reconciliation. Each student should treat fellow students with mutual respect. Behavior that violates the physical and psychological well being of another student will not be tolerated. Attitudes and actions that foster exclusion and formation of cliques will not be allowed.

Boys Will Be Treated As Brothers, Girls As Sisters In All Purity (I Timothy 5:1-2). Relationships will be pursued in a godly biblical pattern for friendships. No boyfriends, girlfriends, or casual dating.

Students Will Conduct Themselves In An Orderly And Controlled Manner While In The Building. Students will not be allowed to leave their classroom or the building without the teacher’s permission.

Students Will Conduct Themselves In An Orderly And Cooperative Manner While In The Classroom. The teacher will be obeyed, and students will cooperate together.

7. Students Will Conduct Themselves With Honor And Integrity In Relationships And Academics. Each student is expected to live a daily lifestyle that reflects honesty, integrity, and trust and respect for God, teachers, authorities, peers and property. This lifestyle does not condone lying, cheating, stealing, or other dishonorable acts that would bring grief and shame to God, the school, and to the student.

2016-2017 School Staff

Doug Kreighbaum, Principal
Scott Squires, Vice-Principal
School Staff

Ashlynn Carter Michelle Allemang
Becky Helms Denise Kreighbaum BSE, MA Crystal Lotterer BSEd Patti Marinelli Amy Nwagwu BSBA Andrea Nwagwu BSBA Debra Parish BSEd Emily Peterson Rachael Posterick Suzanne Sperry BSEd Scott Squires BA Sandy Vinardi Stacie Wilson Amber Brooks, BBA
Katie Sperry, BS Gabrielle Squires, BS
Mary Sterrett Bailey Lotterer

Our staff represents a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. The core of our staff brings several years of teaching experience in the home school as well as public school arenas. The remainder of the staff offers professional expertise from a variety of disciplines to our students.

Our philosophy of education does not begin and end with the experience of our teachers. We believe that God has given gifts to the Church, among which we have teachers and people called to work with children. We believe that the gifting and calling of God is a priority for our teaching staff.

Financial Information
Tithing Members of CHC $120/month plus YMCA membership (except K)
Others $155/month plus YMCA membership (except K)

The Tuition helps cover supplies, classrooms, utilities, etc. CHC members’ tithes also help cover such things as utilities and building maintenance. This accounts for the difference in the price. We are very fortunate to have quality teachers who are volunteering their time to teach full time. This enables us to keep the tuition low.

The tuition may be paid in one lump sum, by semester, or monthly. Monthly statements will not be issued. A late fee of $ 10 will be added if monthly payment is not received in the office by the 10th of the month. If an account becomes delinquent there will need to be satisfactory financial arrangements made. Failure to do so will result in report cards and transcripts of permanent records not being released until accounts are paid in full or the student will be dismissed from the school.

A family YMCA membership is $32.00/ month per year. Membership for one child 17 and under is $9.16/month per year. Memberships for ages 18-24 is $21.25/month per year. The YMCA does offer scholarships for needy families.

Book Fee
A non-refundable book fee of $200 per student is required for all grades. This fee will go toward purchasing consumable books as well as rental on textbooks. Consumable books will be the student’s property at the end of the school year. Textbooks will remain the property of the school. For new students, half of the book fee is due upon enrollment, and the other half is due by August 1st. For returning students, half of the book fee is due by May 1st and the other half is due by August 1st. Any lost or damaged books will be charged to the parent for replacement.

All students must have a Bible for school use. An NAS (New American Standard) or ESV (English Standard Version) Bible is recommended.

Testing Fee
Standardized tests will be given in alternate years during the month of April. The testing fee will be assessed only in the years the tests will be given and will be payable in the spring. The next testing year is 2017-18. The cost will be $30.00 per student.
All students will need to provide and maintain supplies, including paper, pencils, art supplies, tissues, book bag, etc. If any supplies are lost or damaged, parents are responsible to replenish those items. Each student will also be required to have a pair of tennis shoes to wear during recess and PE classes. An exact list of supplies required by each teacher will be available prior to the opening of school.
Girls’ Personal Appearance

The Bible tells us to be moderate in all things and to dress in accordance with spiritual adornment (1 Pet. 3:3). CA has adopted a dress code in order to provide guidelines to students and parents. A dress code helps provide an orderly, disciplined atmosphere which aids the learning process. General guidelines are as follows:

All clothes should attractive in appearance. Clothes should be loose enough to allow for free movement but not baggy.

Absolutely no underclothing will be shown; if violated, parent will bring change of clothes, and student will lose one month of non-uniform privileges.

Hair should be clean and neatly combed and of natural color. No tattoos.
Good hygiene needs to be observed by all students.

Shoes should be shined and properly fastened; shoes that tie should be tied, etc.

Clothes worn to school should be in good condition, clean and wrinkle free.

Students are expected to dress neatly with shirts and blouses tucked in and a belt worn.

7. Girls will maintain a feminine appearance.
Teacher or administration will have the final say as to any clothing deemed inappropriate.

Dressing for the weather
Parents need to be aware of weather conditions to insure that their children are dressed properly. Hats, coats, and gloves need to be sent with your child during cold weather to be used during recess time. Navy, black, white or brown tights under jumpers and skirts may be necessary during cold weather, and may be worn in the classroom. Children who are not properly dressed for recess will stay inside. If your child is unable to participate in recess, please send a note.
If it is necessary for your child to wear boots for bad weather, please pack tennis shoes for your child to change into after they arrive at school.
Girls’ Dress Code
Basic Uniform:
Jumpers and skirts are optional but must fit the criteria listed below.
Navy or khaki jumper or solid, untrimmed, navy, black, or khaki skirt (knee length/well fitted).
Shorts must be worn under skirts and jumpers.
Navy, black, or khaki dress pants. Pants should not be tight or ride too low. The belts must be black or brown and be free of designs and must be worn with the buckle in the front center of the student’s pants (no hammer hooks, no rivets and no jeans).
Navy, black, or khaki shorts or capris with a brown or black belt. Shorts should be halfway to the knee in length.
Any solid colored short or long-sleeved polo shirt, a red colored polo shirt is required.
Polo shirts are not to be tight fitting.
Shirts must be tucked in. Plain t-shirts may be worn under polo shirts.
A sweatshirt or sweater or school hoodie which is not sloppy may be worn in the
classroom. No other jackets or coats are to be worn in the classroom. All garments with logos must be approved by the school principal before being worn to school.
Shoes and socks:
All students K-6th must wear tennis shoes that tie or velcro (M-TH; unless administration permits for special days). 7th – 12th may wear tennis shoes or casual shoes. No high heeled shoes, slip-ons, sandals or flip-flops. All shoes must have a back on them.
Solid white, black, brown or navy socks or hose/tights must be worn.
If wearing boots for bad weather, please pack tennis shoes for your child to change into after
they arrive.
Recess clothing:
Shorts must be worn under jumper or skirt.
Solid white, brown, navy or black tights may be worn under jumper or skirt in cold weather.
Tennis shoes.
PE clothes:
Sweat pants or long shorts (no spandex, tight yoga pants, tight or short shorts).
One pair of black sweat pants and black short is required for grades K- 7. A solid red shirt is
required for K-3.
Crew neck T-Shirt or sweat shirt (no slogans, spandex or sleeveless shirts)(loose fitting only).
Tennis shoes are required! All clothes need to be in good condition and clean.
Choir performance attire:
To be announced by the teacher.
Jewelry and make-up:
Jewelry and make-up must be modest and in good taste.
No pierced jewelry is allowed, except for earrings. No tattoos are allowed at school.

No hats. All clothes need to be clean, wrinkle free and in good condition.

Uniform violations: Parents must bring articles to correct violation.

Boys’ Personal Appearance

The Bible tells us to be moderate in all things and to dress in accordance with spiritual adornment (1 Pet. 3:3). CA has adopted a dress code in order to provide guidelines to students and parents. A dress code helps provide an orderly, disciplined atmosphere which aids the learning process. General guidelines are as follows:

All clothes should be loose enough but not baggy to allow for free movement and attractive

2. Good hygiene needs to be observed by all students. Hair should be clean and neatly combed. Boys’ hair should be above the eyes, ears, and collar, and of natural color only, not dyed. No tattoos. Facial hair should be well groomed and neat.

3. Absolutely no underwear or midriff will be shown. If violated, parent will bring a
change of clothes and student will lose non-uniform privileges for one month.

Shoes should be shined and properly fastened; shoes that tie should be tied, etc.

Clothes worn to school should be in good condition, clean, and wrinkle free.

Students are expected to dress neatly with shirts tucked in and a belt worn.

7. Boys will maintain a masculine appearance.
Teachers or administration will have the final say as to any clothing deemed inappropriate.

Dressing for the weather
Parents need to be aware of weather conditions to insure that their children are dressed properly. Hats, coats, and gloves need to be sent with your child during cold weather to be used during recess time. Children who are not properly dressed for recess will stay inside. If your child is unable to participate in recess, please send a note.
If it is necessary for your child to wear boots for bad weather, please pack tennis shoes for your child to change into after they arrive at school.
Boys Dress Code

Basic Uniform:
Navy, black or khaki dress pants (no hammer hooks and no jeans). Pants must be pulled up to the waist. Navy, black, or khaki shorts. Shorts must be halfway to knee or longer.
Belts must be brown or black only and must be free of all design with a simple buckle. The belt buckle must be worn at the front center of the student’s pants. Any solid colored short or long sleeved polo shirt; a red polo shirt is required. Polo shirts must be tucked in; a plain T-shirt may be worn under polo shirts. A sweater, sweatshirt, or a school hoodie may be worn over polo shirt in the classroom. Sweaters and sweatshirts can not be sloppy. No other coats or jackets are to be worn in the classroom. All logos must be approved before being worn to school.
Shoes and Socks:
All students K-6th must wear tennis shoes (tie or Velcro; M-TH). Tennis shoes or casual shoes for 7-12 graders. No sandals or flip-flops are to be worn to school or any school function (unless administration permits for special days). Solid white, black, brown or navy socks must be worn. If it is necessary for your child to wear boots for bad weather, please pack tennis shoes for your child to change into after they arrive at school.
PE Clothes:
Sweat pants or long shorts (no spandex). One pair of black sweat pants and solid black shorts are required for grades K-7. A solid red shirt is required for K-3. Crew neck T-shirt or sweat shirt (no slogans and no sleeveless shirts; needs to be loose fitting, no spandex). All clothing must be clean and in good condition. Tennis shoes are required!
Choir Performance Attire:
To be announced by the music teacher.
Boys will not be allowed to wear jewelry other than watches and rings. No tattoos. No hats or jewelry or tattoos.
Uniform violations: Parents must bring articles to correct violation.

Covenant Academy School Policies
Consistent attendance is of utmost importance. Absences will be considered excused if they fall into one of the following categories:
Death in the family
Emergency situation
Other approved situations
For planned absences, including doctor, dentist, orthodontist appointments, or anything scheduled in advance, a written request must be signed and submitted by a parent to the school administration office (Debbie Parish, Amber Brooks or Crystal Lotterer) using an absence request form a minimum of two school days prior to the planned absence. The office will determine if the request will be excused or unexcused. Please try to schedule appointments on a Friday so that students do not have to miss any classroom teaching.
Excused Absences
If the office grants permission for an excused absence, the submitted absence request form will be signed and marked as excused by the office personnel. The student is then responsible to get signatures and assignments from teachers for all class periods affected by his absence, get a parent signature, and return the form to the teacher prior to the absence. All assignments for the day(s) missed must be completed on time and the student will receive full credit for that work.
For unplanned absences, like a sudden illness, the school must receive notification from a parent by 8:30 am that the student will be absent and make arrangements with the homeroom teacher regarding assignments for the day. In case of consecutive absences, the school must receive notification from a parent on a daily basis. If we do not hear from a parent, the absence is considered unexcused. Three or more consecutive school days of absences will require a doctor’s note before the student can return to class.
Unexcused Absences
If the office determines that the absence is unexcused, the submitted absence request form will be signed and marked as unexcused by the office personnel. The office will give notice to the teacher of the unexcused absence request. If the student is not at school for the day(s) they will receive an unexcused absence. All assignments for the day(s) missed must be completed and the student may or may not receive credit for their work at the teacher’s discretion. Unexcused absences are considered truancies. Covenant Academy is required to report all truancies to the state.
Students need to be on time and prepared for classes by 8:05am. A student coming into class late, for whatever reason, disrupts the flow of the entire class. Covenant Academy is mandated by the state of Kansas to report excessive tardiness. Three unexcused tardies will equal one unexcused day. A student is considered truant if they miss three consecutive days in a row without an excuse, have five unexcused absences in a semester or seven unexcused absences in a school year.
If tardies become an issue, you will need to come and meet with the principal and teacher concerning further action. It is the parents responsibility to see that students get to school on time and parent cooperation is expected.
Before & After School
The morning drop off time is 7:45am. Do not release your children before this time without your supervision. School is over at 4:00pm. All students, except for helpers, will be in the sanctuary at 4:00pm. Helper jobs will be completed by 4:15 pm. Students are to be picked up at the school no later than 4:15 pm or parents will be charged a late fee of five dollars per five minutes. All students will have to be checked out through the office by a parent or designated guardian whether a student is leaving at the end of the school day or has to leave early for some reason. Phone calls do not excuse you from late fees. Parents must take responsibility for making the necessary arrangements. CA staff is not able to supervise students after 4:15 pm. Please keep in mind that it is not the staff’s responsibility to stay with your child, it is your responsibility to make arrangements if you are going to be late. Please be courteous!
Covenant Harvest Church recognizes that it is the God-given responsibility of the parents to raise up godly children who love, honor, and obey Christ. We as a church and a school are committed to doing everything in our power to help you in this endeavor. However, we will not take over the authority and responsibility that God has equipped you with for this awesome task.

CA is dedicated to the training of children in a program of study, activity, and living that is Christ-centered and Bible based. We believe that a Christ-like atmosphere is the only acceptable atmosphere in which our students are able to learn and our teachers are able to teach. Therefore any attitude, action, or behavior that is not pleasing to Christ will immediately be addressed. If repentance and tenderness of heart cannot be reached at this point, the student will be released into their parents care until the fruit of repentance is evident.

Murmuring, complaining, back-biting, gossip, lying, cheating, plagiarism, coarse jesting, disrespect, dishonor, cursing, talking back, and all other things of this nature that do not promote Christ-likeness will by no means be tolerated.

If a child displays behavior in violation of godly character and clear Biblical principles, that student will be subject to progressive discipline which could result in mandatory after school detention or the removal from school to their parents care. In extreme cases where the student’s behavior and or attitudes (both inside and outside of the school) become detrimental to the overall atmosphere of the class and attitudes of the other students, the student will be suspended or expelled. Parents are responsible to pick up their child in a timely fashion and reinforce and support school policies. In home suspensions will be under the parents’ oversight and may result in failure to complete the subjects for credit, the grade level, and ultimately receiving a diploma from the school.
The following offenses may result in immediate suspension until administration determines if and when the child will return.
a) Striking out in anger with the intention to harm another person and/or placing another person’s personal safety at risk.
b) Possession of tobacco, drugs, alcohol or weapons.
c) Possession of or the viewing of inappropriate material.
Based on the biblical mandate in I Corinthians 10:31 that in whatever we do we are to do all to the glory of God, our goal is to strive for excellence in every academic subject as well as in our extracurricular activities. The Christian should always strive to excel for the purpose of glorifying the Lord.
Extra and Co-Curricular Eligibility Standards & Academic Probation
We believe that any student who truly desires to succeed will do so if he is willing to work diligently. We also believe that extra and co-curricular activities can help young men and women to develop healthy values, build leadership skills, learn responsibility, and acquire good character. Participation in these activities is a privilege and bears with it a responsibility. The following eligibility standards must be met in order to participate in extra or co-curricular activity:
Any student in grades 7 through 12, to be eligible to participate in any contest, game, match, competition, class/school fun day, or performance, whether as an individual or as a member of a group, which is scheduled outside of the school day or normal school schedule, is required to meet eligibility standards. This requires meeting good conduct standards, academic standards (which is to maintain an overall “C” average with no failing grades or incompletes in all subjects), attendance regulations (student must be present in school the day before the scheduled event) and all other policies stated in the school handbook. Ineligibility does not exclude them from having to attend the required school function and complete an assignment. When a student does not maintain the required academic or conduct standards, he is put on academic/behavioral probation and is ineligible to play until his grades and behavior are acceptable. Students not meeting academic standards at the end of the fourth quarter will be placed on academic probation for three weeks during the first quarter of the next school year. (Quarter grades not semester grades will be used to determine eligibility). After two probationary periods, administration, coaches, and parents need to meet to determine a) if continued athletic participation is in the athlete’s best educational interest b) steps the athlete will need to follow to assist him/her in achieving academic success c) whether to allow or to disallow athletic participation. This may result in a mandatory after school detention until progress is made. We do not expect all of our students to be academically superior; however, we do expect them to be diligent in their work.
Player Requirements
Students are eligible to participate in sports at CA if they meet the following requirements:
Carefully read and agree to abide by CA sports guidelines.
Submit documentation showing a recent sports physical exam has been done (if required).
Maintain good overall conduct and attitude. As our athletes represent the school and ultimately our Lord, the school reserves the right to limit or deny participation due to conduct or attitude which is inconsistent with school standards.
Maintain responsibility for completing and turning in all homework.
100% commitment. Joining a team means a commitment to finish out the entire season and to faithfully attend practices and games.
Personally notify your coach (in advance when possible) of any legitimate absence from practice or games.
100% effort and positive attitude at all times (Col. 3:23-24).
Absolute respect for coaches, teammates, opponents and officials. Negative attitudes or critical spirits will not be tolerated.
Help with fundraisers.
Parent Requirements
Please read carefully the following:
Agree to the sports guidelines.
Read and discuss the guidelines with your student athlete.
You must assume responsibility for your child’s grades, realizing that it is not uncommon for academic performance to decline while participating in sports if not carefully monitored.
Help your student keep his/her priorities in line. Academics still come first! Sports are truly EXTRA-curricular.
Support your student’s team with your attendance at games at every possible opportunity.
Model for your student an attitude of respect for coaches, teammates, opponents and officials that will represent Covenant Academy well and ultimately will be pleasing to the Lord.
Help and support all fundraisers or assume responsibility monetarily.
Pay all sports fees that are required.
Believing that homework is an integral part of the school program, each teacher is at liberty to give homework to aid each student in advancing work. Therefore, each student is expected to successfully complete his home assignments each day. We expect the full cooperation and support from parents to see that homework is completed. Homework may be given for the following purposes: drill, practice, remedial reasons, and individual projects relating to school studies. Continued failure to complete homework assignments will result in disciplinary action and ultimately in dismissal.
We believe that homework will:
Develop a positive attitude toward lifetime learning
Support in-class experiences
Strengthen communication between home and school
Develop self-discipline and good work habits

The responsibility for homework is shared among teachers, students, and parents.
Teachers will: Parents will:
Provide clear guidelines and Provide positive reinforcement for
expectations best effort
Teach organizational skills Provide a suitable environment and
(Use of an agenda, binder, enough time for completion of
sections, planning) homework
Provide relevant homework activities Share reading experiences with child
Follow up on assigned homework Provide opportunity for expansion of
Provide positive reinforcement for knowledge
best effort Supervise homework and the use of
Provide a means for communicating the agenda
homework issues/information with Respond to and/or initiate communication
parents with the teacher

Students will:
Record tasks (appropriate grade levels)
Complete homework by due date (for every excused absence- 1 make-up-day)
Be responsible for understanding homework and/or seeking clarification if needed
Develop a homework routine
Late Work:
Assignments, quizzes, and tests not submitted according to schedule will receive an academic penalty. Final decisions for credit on late work will be left to the discretion of the teacher. This may also require mandatory after school detention in which the parent will be responsible in making the necessary arrangements for the student to be picked up at a later time.
Grade Scale:
A 93-99 A- 90-92 B+ 87-89 B 83-86 C+ 77-79 C 73-76
C- 70-72 D+ 67-69 D 63-66 D- 60-62 F 0-59

Release of Transcripts, Grade Cards & Diplomas
Report cards, transcripts, and diplomas will not be issued at the end of the year, or released to a new school during the year, unless all tuition and school fees are paid, uniforms returned and all scholastic requirements have been met. Official transcripts will not be released directly to students or parents, but unofficial transcripts are available upon request.
Immunization and Health
Students are required to have their immunizations up-to-date. The only legal alternatives to the requirement that a parent or guardian provide proof of vaccination are the following:
1. Medical exemption signed by a Medical Doctor (M.D.) or a Doctor of Osteopathy
(D.O.) licensed by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.
2. Religious exemption, signed by the parent or guardian, which states that the child is
an adherent of a religious denomination whose religious teachings are opposed to
such inoculations.

Students will not be admitted to school unless immunizations are current or one of the above statements has been signed. These statement forms are available from the school office. Students exempt from vaccinations will be excluded from school in the event of an outbreak or suspected case of a vaccine-preventable disease.

A child that is running a fever, is contagious, or too ill to participate fully in classroom activities must be kept at home. Any child having a fever, vomiting or diarrhea during the night or prior to class time should be kept home that day. A student who becomes ill during the day will be allowed to rest until he/she can be picked up from school. A student must be free of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea 24 hours before returning to school. When delivering or picking up other children, please keep ill child in vehicle to protect well children. Please be courteous to others and observe these guidelines.

Medications sent to the school should be accompanied by a note requesting the school to administer them, along with complete information on medication, name, amount, when given, and if there is a need for refrigeration. Children should be instructed by parents to give the medicine and note to the teacher when they arrive. All medications will be administered by the teacher or school staff.
Lice/Nits: Our school policy is that a student needs to be bug and nit free upon returning to the classroom.

Leaving the Premises
No student shall leave the premise without a written note from parents, including the times they are to leave and return, or permission from a teacher. It is a necessity that the school be aware of the child’s location at all times.
Students in the primary grades 1st-6th need to bring two snacks with them every day. This helps to keep these younger students focused and energized during the long school day. The snack that a student brings needs to not be a full meal, but something small and healthy, like fruit or crackers for example (not candy please), that can be eaten quickly and with little mess in the classroom. The first snack time will be in the morning before recess and the second snack will be sometime in the afternoon before students go home. Those students in the secondary grades (7th-12th) do not need to bring a snack. Those in kindergarten only need to bring one snack for the morning. If there are any questions about the snack policy, please contact the office and we will clarify any questions that you have.
Students will need to bring their lunch to school each day. Students must be able to open their lunch by themselves. Buying lunches to bring to your child will be allowed on a limited basis. Calling lunches from restaurants is only allowed with permission from the office.
Drinks will not be provided. All drinks must be unflavored water only. Refrigerator space will be available to store lunches. All lunches will be stored in the kitchen. Because of limited time and space please do not send food that needs to be microwaved longer than a minute or takes several steps to prepare. All microwaveable items must have a lid. Any bowls for soups and noodles must have lids. The school will not provide silverware, paper goods, or cups. Leaving the premises for lunch must have prior permission and be only on rare occasions. Please do not wait until lunch time to bring your child’s lunch to school. This disrupts your child’s schedule and the school’s schedule.
Phone use
Students will be allowed to use the school phone during school break hours with permission from the office only. Long distance calls are for emergency purposes only. All other long distance calls are to be made “collect.” All cell phones belonging to students must be turned off between the hours of 7:45am and 4:15pm and left in the student’s backpack until they have left the building. Violation of this will result in the phone being taken away and not allowed back at school.
Personal electronic devices
Personal electronic devices of any sort are not allowed at school. The use of these items is not allowed on the school vans or on field trips. Electronic devices can only be brought to sporting events and school events by parents and can be used only under parental supervision and at the discretion of the parent.
Parent Orientation/Work Day
Parent orientation and work day are scheduled at the beginning of each school year. This orientation will inform the parents of class goals, learning expectations, changes in the school, and parent/student responsibility. The work day helps keep costs down and shows ownership and a respect for stewarding the facilities that God has given us. All parents are expected to attend the orientation and work day. Please try to schedule vacations around these dates.
Report Cards/Parent Meetings
Report cards will be issued quarterly about one week after the end of each quarter. A parent meeting and parent-teacher conference will be at the end of the first, second, and third quarters to discuss school matters and your child’s progress and grade cards will be given at that time. Parents may keep up to date with their child’s grades through CA’s online grade portal Alma but this does not replace the need for parent/teacher meetings nor the official report card that you will receive at that meeting.
Respect for School Property
As an expression of pride and respect toward their school, students must assume responsibility for keeping all facilities clean and in good repair. Any student who defaces or destroys school property will be charged the full cost of repairs and will be subject to disciplinary action which may include suspension or expulsion. All students are expected to treat school property as a gift from God.
At CA, we expect each student to respect the property of fellow students. Taking another’s property or destroying property without permission will not be tolerated. The student will be expected to purchase new replacements and will be subject to further disciplinary action.
School Hours
School starts for all students at 8:05am. School is dismissed at noon for Kindergarteners and at 4:00pm for all other students. The school week is from Monday to Thursday. See school calendar for exceptions.
Snow Days
School will be closed if weather conditions pose a hazard to parents and/or students. School closings will be announced over KKOW and channel 7(KOAM). Our online Alma system will also notify parents by telephone and/or about school closings per each family’s user settings through an automated call. In case of early dismissal, parents will be notified via the Alma automated system. If a parent is not available then the next person on the contact list will be notified.
Covenant Academy does not have the ability to provide or arrange transportation for any student. Transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the parents. It will be necessary for parents to notify the teacher, explaining the transportation arrangements. We ask that you do not have your child relay the information by word of mouth. Please avoid last minute phone calls which cause classroom interruptions.

Students with a driver’s license may drive to and from school if approved by the parent who notifies teachers or administrators in advance. This privilege may be withdrawn for disciplinary reasons.

Covenant Academy Curriculum

Our curriculum is a thorough academic program with a Classical Education emphasis that keeps Christian values central. While our specific textbooks and material may change, our vision does not. Teachers will be using a variety of textbooks and curriculum for each class.

We will evaluate our curriculum each year. We value input from parents as well as other church leaders on ways to change and improve curriculum. Teachers and administrative staff will bear the main responsibility in the examination of the curriculum. In the end, the curriculum for all classes is approved by the church eldership.

Obviously, the views of the world and the truth of the Bible clash. All of our classes are taught by mature Christians who can bring a biblical view into areas where God’s truth disagrees with human ideas.

High school course selections require approval from parents, teachers, and principal. Final decisions are determined by graduation requirements and course availability. Variations may be made for individual students at the discretion of the school administration.

Twenty six (26) units in the following areas are required for graduation:
Language Arts 4 units-one unit each year
Social Studies 3 units-includes KS Hist., Am. Hist., Am. Govt.
Mathematics 3 units-one of which is Algebra 1
Science 3 units-two of which are Basic Science, Biology
Fine Arts 1 unit
Physical Education 2 units- one half (1/2) unit each year
Biblical Studies 4 units-one unit each year
Electives 6 units

One unit of credit may be earned for each full year (2 semesters) course passed. One half (1/2) unit of credit may be earned for each half year (1 semester) course passed. One half (1/2) unit of credit may be earned for each half-time full year (2 Semesters) course passed (for example: P.E. which meets two days a week for the full year = ½ unit of credit). Accumulation of credit begins in ninth grade.

Eight semesters of attendance after grade eight are required. All students are required to enroll in six class periods. Senior students may, with appropriate permission, be allowed to enroll in college-level classes.

Courses Required at the Following Grade Levels:

Grade 9:
Algebra ½ or Algebra 1
Basic Science
American Govt. / Kansas History
Physical Education
Grade 10:
Grammar 2
Geometry or Algebra 2
American Govt. /Kansas History
Physical Education
Grade 11:
Grammar 3
Algebra 2 or Advanced Math
American History or World History
Physical Education
Grade 12:
Grammar 4
American History or World History
Physical Education
Electives may include the following:
Anatomy and Physiology Home Economics Advanced Math
Art Literature Speech
Chemistry Music Accounting
Geometry Spanish Computer
Consumer Math Latin Logic Rhetoric
Covenant Academy reserves the right to adjust and/or modify course selections and/or combination of classes at each grade level based on final enrollment and class structure.

The Kansas State Board of Education has standards for Kansas high schools concerning the graduation requirements. These requirements total 21 units. The CA curriculum offers a course of study which will meet and exceed these requirements.
A student must have accumulated the required credits as indicated below to qualify for specific grade status:
Freshman – promotion from 8th grade
Sophomore – minimum of 6 units prior to the school year
Junior – minimum of 12 units prior to the school year
Senior – minimum of 19 units prior to the school year